I have been a professional developer since 1999 after graduating with a CS degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I spent 13 years developing in C++ and C# in various startups before picking up Go in 2012.

I previously worked as a Gopher at Canonical, working on juju, a distributed application deployment system similar to Kubernetes, and one of the largest open source Go projects at the time.

Since 2017 I have been a Principal Engineer and Senior Engineering Manager at Mattel, building a distributed platform development team that has launched many successful projects including backend systems used by the Fisher-Price SmartConnect line of smart devices, the Hot Wheels Augmoto and Hot Wheels ID augmented reality mobile games, and https://hotwheelscollectors.com.

I started the Go Boston Google+ group which became the first major meetup for Go programmers in Boston and eventually became the Boston Golang meetup group. I was an organizer of the Framingham, MA Go Meetup.

I have written a ton of Go packages and commands, some of the most popular being Mage Lumberjack, Gnorm, pie, and gorram

When I’m not coding, I’m spending time with my family in the outer Boston suburbs of Massachusetts, participating in local government, and looking for ways to make the world a better place for everyone. I love tabletop gaming and have been playing D&D since the 80’s.