I have been a professional developer since 1999 after graduating with a CS degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I spent 13 years developing in C++ and C# in various startups before picking up Go in 2012.

I’ve been working as a Gopher at Canonical since the summer of 2013, working on jujuj, one of the largest open source Go projects.

I started the Go Boston Google+ group which became the first major meetup for Go programmers in Boston and eventually became the Boston Golang meetup group. I am an organizer of the Framingham, MA Go Meetup.

I have written a ton of Go packages and commands, some of the most popular being Lumberjack, pie, and gorram

When I’m not coding, I’m spending time with my family in semi-rural Massachusetts. I love tabletop gaming and have been playing D&D since the 80’s.