Sharing Godoc of a WIP Branch

I had a problem yesterday - I wanted to use the excellent to show coworkers the godoc for the feature I was working on. However, the feature was on a branch of the main code in Github, and go get Does Not Work That Way™. So, what to do? Well, I figured out a hack to make it work. is a super handy service that lets you point go get at branches of your repo named vN (e.g. v0, v1, etc). It also happens to work on tags. So, we can leverage this to get to render the godoc for our WIP branch.

From your WIP branch, simply do

git tag v0
git push myremote v0

This creates a lightweight tag that only affects your repo (not upstream from whence you forked).

You now can point godoc at your branch by way of

This will tell godoc to ‘go get’ your code from, and will redirect the command to your v0 tag, which is currently on your branch. Bam, now you have godoc for your WIP branch on

Later, the tag can easily be removed (and reused if needed) thusly:

git tag -d v0
git push myremote :refs/tags/v0

So, there you go, go forth and share your godoc. I find it’s a great way to get feedback on architecture before I dive into the reeds of the implementation.